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Letís be friends, we said, letís stay in touch,
But it doesnít seem that amounts to much.
I know itís not fair to expect the same,
For us to carry on like nothingís changed.

I think I need a little time
To remind myself youíre no longer mine,
And I need to stop, and tell myself
You donít belong to me or anyone else.

So that every time that I transgress
Youíre indifferent, and thatís fine,
I guess.
But I miss the time you needed me
And I must content myself with being free.

So I need to re-adjust my mind
To separate your thoughts from mine.
I need some time to let you go,
And for that, I think, I should be alone.

So good luck, God bless,
hope youíll be alright,
And Iíll see you in another life.




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